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Core Business Value

Core Business Value
In Agiva, we are combining our understanding of customer’s business strategy with our technology solutions, specialists expertise, and excellent process to deliver the solution and services to grow your business.
The breath of our technology solution is to increase the overall productivity by automating business processes, workflow and simplifying IT complexities.
Continuous process improvement, skill development, and controlled project environment are the prove of our commitment to deliver the solution.
The goal of mobility is anywhere and anytime productivity for your business experience.
Agiva is a specialist IT service and consulting company.

We provide mobility solutions that helps enterprise customer to be more agile and productive.

Established in 2010, Agiva has a historical root on providing Enterprise Wireless LAN solution, with Aruba being the prominent technology partner in providing such solution. In addition, Agiva Indonesia is currently one of Aruba Authorized Training Center in Asia Pacific region.

And now, the wireless trend has given path to the raise of Mobility. With the ever increasing shipment of smartphones and the wave of mobile applications, add that with service provider creating plans that embrace more data service, Mobility is hard to neglect by the IT staff anymore.